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Sourcing Japanese Products like a Pro – Nabemono- A Roundtable Discussion on Japanese Hot Pot 鍋物-

19 November 2020 by Food&HotelAsia


To become a Pro in Japanese food culture, Hot Pot is a must know! To understand the best ingredients, its different styles and latest trends, this roundtable unites experts to discuss and celebrate one of Japan’s most iconic meals. As we approach the colder winter months Japan turns to its traditional dinner dish ‘nabe’, a Hot Pot meal comprised of a flavorful broth with simmering meats or fish and a large number of fresh vegetables. This session is a deep dive into all things Hot Pot!

Speaker: Amanda Tan, Co-Founder & Director, Zairyo
Speaker: Indoguna tbc
Speaker: Stephanie Ng, Regional Business Development Lead, Makoto-Ya
Speaker: Shohei Yasuda, Overseas Sales Director, Daisho Co.
Speaker: Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida, Head Chef & Owner, Hashida Singapore