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16 May 2019 by Food&HotelAsia

5 F&B Trends That Are Going To Shape 2020

From goth ice cream to avocado-mania to speakeasy secret entrances, the food and beverage world is no stranger to trends. Despite the term’s transient connotation, food trends are incredibly powerful.

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14 May 2019 by Food&HotelAsia

All You Need To Know About: Plant Based Proteins

Beyond Meat Inc. goes public. Burger King introduces the Impossible Whopper (the original’s plant-based twin) and Gordon Ramsay, the loud-mouthed chef famously known for hating on vegans, announces that he is “giving plant-based a try”.

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9 May 2019 by Food&HotelAsia

Digital transformation: Perspectives every F&B business need to consider

At Amazon Go, customers simply walk into the store, scan their phones and do their shopping without any need to queue for payment. Minutes later, a payment receipt for the items they’ve picked out will be sent to their phones – all without human intervention.

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