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At The Table With: Australian Dairy

17 November 2021 by Food&HotelAsia


Thriving Together with Australian Dairy

As the world’s fourth largest dairy exporter, Australia has long been known as a supplier of safe and nutritious dairy to the world. From cream to natural cheese, yoghurt and dairy ingredients, for decades, the Australian dairy industry has been working together to deliver those products to our global partners in Singapore and across the South East Asia region.

 In fact, of the 8.5 billion litres of milk Australia produces per year, 32% is exported. Of these exports, 88% is bound for priority Asian markets including China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

We talk to Bronwyn Duke, Market Manager at Dairy Australia about what makes Australia a trade partner of choice for premium dairy products in South East Asian markets. 

What is Australia’s history supplying dairy to the South East Asia region? 

Australia first started supplying dairy into South East Asia in the early 1960s. At that time there wasn’t much in the way of milk processing plants in the region, so the initial business relationships were in the form of joint ventures setting these plants up, firstly in Singapore but then extending out across the region. 

Building mutually beneficial partnerships with international customers is important to us and we have invested in relationships across the South East Asia region over many years. One of our leading programs aimed at strengthening these partnerships is the Dairy Australia International Scholarship program, which each year invites emerging talent from across our key markets to take part in an immersive program showcasing the very best of Australian dairy. Over 20 years, the program has built a cohort of 850 alumni across Asia who are now influential local industry representatives in export markets.

Australian dairy is renowned for its high quality – can you tell us what products we can find in South East Asia?

Australia has a diverse range of processors and farmers across the country who produce a wide array of products for export across South East Asia. This breadth allows the industry to respond to the changing needs of each market in the region, with some processors extending  a tailored  premium solution to the specified requirements of their customer. It’s this investment in collaboration and high-quality dairy that sets Australian products and ingredients apart. Current exports to the region include dairy ingredients and nutritionals for manufacturing including milk powder, buttermilk powder and butteroil, lactoferrin and whey protein concentrate, as well as a wide range of food service, bakery and retail product, namely fresh milk, bulk and artisan cheese, butter, yoghurt, fresh and frozen creams and ice cream. 

What makes Australian dairy so special? 

 Firstly, it’s the incredible land. Our dairy comes from a place that is clean, diverse and naturally rich. It’s the many regions throughout Australia, each with its own unique environment, made up of ancient soils, ocean breeze and abundant sunshine that provide unique qualities found in no other place. This is the land our cows graze, allowing them to make high quality milk for you.    

Our food safety systems.  Australia is known for its exceptional food safety record, providing safe and nutritious dairy at home and around the world. Our farmers and processors are committed to innovation, food safety and traceability across the supply chain to provide the best quality, sustainable dairy to our global community.

Our progress and commitment to the future. Australian dairy is committed to a sustainable future for all.  After all, when our land, animals and people thrive, we’ll all thrive. This year marks 10 years of our Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework and we’re revisiting our goals, looking towards 2030. Whatever the future holds, we know we need to move faster. We must do more to keep dairy foods accepted as part of sustainable diets and a valued source of nutrition for a healthier world.

What is Thrive Together with Australian Dairy?

Australian’s love to share stories, we take a collaborative approach, working together to deliver what our customers need.

Thrive Together with Australian Dairy tells the stories of the Australian dairy industry and our commitment to mutual success with our trade partners. It talks to our rich lands and resilient farmers, our agile processors who produce safe dairy products and our commitment to a sustainable future for everyone. 

Dairy Match will mark the launch of the Thrive Together with Australian dairy brand platform into the South East Asian market and we look forward to sharing it with you.   

What are you looking forward to at FHA Match?

We’re looking forward to meeting new companies who are interested in finding out about Australian Dairy, as well as introducing Thrive Together with Australian dairy to our many existing trade partners.  We will explore world leading research looking into elderly health and the role of dairy in a sustainable future as well as sharing the people, place and passion that makes Australian dairy, some of the best in the world.

Register Now: https://bit.ly/3NosjUB