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Snackification: Product Innovation and The Future of Occasions

28 April 2022 by Margaux Laine, Euromonitor International and Emil Fazira, Euromonitor International


(Photo: Unsplash)

Historically, urbanisation drove snackification. Convenience and portability were key due to time pressures and a growing on-demand culture. Two years following the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, digitalisation and technology have become key elements, whilst premiumisation has been negatively affected by the economic costs of the pandemic. Lastly, health priorities have gained importance, offering innovation opportunities.


Constant innovation is necessary, as snacks face pressing competition from lighter “side dishes” that were previously less convenient to consume on-the-go. These are common substitutes for packaged snacks as a filler between meals and are available via food delivery services. Local examples include Latin American arepas (flat cakes, usually filled), Japanese taiyaki (pastries stuffed with various pastes) and Indonesian martabak manis (sweet pancakes).

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