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Food Professionals Predict Lasting Coronavirus Impact

7 October 2021 by Tom Rees, Euromonitor International


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Food Professionals Predict Lasting Coronavirus Impact

Euromonitor’s Voice of the Industry survey series connects with industry professionals around the world in order to explore trends and innovations. For food and nutrition, an industry survey of 258 professionals working in food in over 70 countries was conducted. Perhaps unsurprisingly they confidently predicted that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will continue to have a significant impact on retail sales.

Health and wellness to remain a key trend

As the pandemic has impacted our lives, so it has impacted our food choices. Health has taken centre stage and the shift from treatment to prevention is increasingly evident; consumers are taking greater ownership of their health and conceptualising it in a preventative sense. This movement has seen increased demand for targeted functionality as a key component of wellbeing, with the pandemic having reinforced the importance of good base health.

Industry professionals predict that the increased emphasis on health from food is here to stay, and that it will have an increased influence over the next five years. This reflects the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic: that it appears it will have long-tail influence, with different markets experiencing vastly different rates of emergence from the most severe situations.


Source: Euromonitor International Voice of the Industry: Food and Nurtition Survey, fields March 2021, n = 258 industry professionals

Also retaining and increasing in importance are the digital shifts suggested by the survey; as technological solutions come on stream and are embraced by consumers it becomes increasingly unlikely (in professionals’ eyes) that consumers will revert to less convenient, less transparent methods of sourcing/purchasing food.

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