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Cocoa Beans Market

25 August 2022 by Mordor Intelligence


Cocoa Beans Trade Market Lead by Europe in 2022

– The international trade in cocoa beans is projected to register a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period (2022-2027).

– The demand for cocoa beans as intermediates is predicted to rise as the chocolate industry in emerging economies, such as China and India, expands.

– The consumer buying behavior of chocolate in Europe is based on buying chocolates on an impulse, as a treat, or  to satisfy cravings for sweet confectionery.

– Germany remains one of the leading chocolate markets in Europe, where Germans are most likely to purchase chocolate on impulse. As per Eurostat, Germany imports a large share of cocoa beans from its neighboring countries, where the Netherlands accounts for 45%, and Belgium accounts for 15% of the total share.

– The European chocolate market is highly competitive, with numerous leading players accounting for the majority of the market share. The increasing demand and growing popularity of dark and organic chocolates are fueling market growth.

– The rise in health consciousness among European consumers and the resulting increase in awareness about the disadvantages of consuming sugar-enriched confectionery, fuel the sales of organic chocolate, sugar-free chocolates, and vegan chocolates in the European market.

– In September 2021, Ferrero pre-launched the new Ferrero Rocher Tablets into the travel-retail channel in partnership with Lagardère.

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Increasing Demand for Healthy Chocolates

Chocolate has been found to have numerous health benefits, and consumers are buying premium chocolates to have a guilt-free experience.

– The main ingredients used in the production of these chocolates are stevia, honey, and lactose-free chocolate. These ingredients in premium chocolate are well-balanced, good for health, and play a significant role in raising HDL and protecting LDL from oxidation.

– Companies evolve with innovative models and new trends shifting to health and human well-being, attracting a customer base and brand equity.

– Moreover, the escalating obesity rates and growing government concerns have severely scrutinized the chocolate market. As a result, many manufacturers are coming up with health-oriented chocolate products labeled with health claims, such as low-calorie, no-added-sugar, and other characteristics.

– For instance, the European company Bayn Europe AB launched the Bayn No-added Sugar Chocolate in the Chinese market.

– In Feb 2022, Lindt Japan released new Sakura and Cream Lindor chocolate balls for sale in Japan.

Recent Snippets from 2022

– In March 2022, Nestle launched Incoa, a 70% dark chocolate bar made exclusively with cocoa fruit, under its Les Recettes de L’Atelier brand. It will appear on shelves in retail in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, with other European markets to follow.

– In February 2022, Hershey’s created a chocolate bar to celebrate All Women and Girls. This limited-edition is called “Celebrate SHE” bars. The brand highlighted SHE at the center of the milk chocolate bar.

– In January 2022, Mondelēz International’s brand Cadbury launched the Twist Wrap packaging solution for its Duos range, allowing consumers to snack in small portions by twisting and sealing the package after consuming half of the chocolate bar.

– In January 2022, German brand Ritter Sport launched a new vegan milk chocolate bar in its home country. The new Vegan Pur Ohne Muh chocolate bar is crafted with simple ingredients that deliver a milk chocolate experience without using any dairy products.

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