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At The Table With: FCC Patisserie Judge Chef Gary

6 October 2022 by Food&HotelAsia


This week we catch up with FCC Patisserie Judge Chef Gary – the President of Singapore Pastry Alliance, to get his thoughts on the upcoming Pastry and Gelato battles taking place at FHA-HoReCa!

Hey Chef Gary, great to have you with us. Could you explain how and why competitions like FCC Patisserie are important for the pastry industry?

Chef Gary: This is an excellent platform for the competitors to showcase their talent, innovative ideas, and techniques. The competitors can learn and exchange ideas with each other and help to bring up the standard of the pastry industry

What kind of preparation do the competitors need to do for the FCC patisserie or ASIAN Pastry Cup and ASIAN Gelato Cup?

Chef Gary: My advice is very simple Competitors must read and understand the rules and regulations, stay within the category requirement, and present it like a masterpiece always remember we eat with our eye first, presentation is often as important as the taste. Therefore, the challengers must make sure it is appealing and appetizing as possible!

How do our competitions here differ from other competitions like School of Chocolate, Baking Impossible, or Bake Squad?

Chef Gary: All our judges are certified by WASC with years of experience in the judging field around the world. With their advice and feedback, competitors will benefit and strive for better results in future competitions.

It has been 2 years since the last FCC Patisserie, refresh our memory on what the judges are looking out for in participants for the most outstanding pastry chef?

Chef Gary: According to FHA culinary rules and regulations, each individual must participate in at least 3 categories and be awarded at least one gold medal before they are qualified to be the best chef pastry according to our point system. Gold medalist works must be impressive and innovative to impress judges to score points. We are looking at unique, creative, practical, and sustainable presentations.

It must be tough being an award winning pastry chef, what do you think Chefs like Amaury Guichon https://www.instagram.com/amauryguichon/ have done for the pastry industry?

Chef Gary: He is a genius, trendsetter, and well-respected pastry chef, he has his own style and uses minimum commercial moulds in all his creations. All his works were very impressive and helped to bring up a new dimension in the pastry world.

I’m sure our readers are eagre to find out what is your favourite pastry to make and eat.

Chef Gary: For me, it must be a traditional Black Forest cake. It has always been my favorite pastry to make and eat. This is the first cake that I learned to make for my family and brings back lots of memories. As a pastry chef we must always respect the tradition and heritage of the cuisine, have a good foundation in basic skills and knowledge before we can start to create.

Complete this sentence. To be a pastry chef, one has to be …

Chef Gary: To be a pastry chef, one must be original, open-minded, and practice lots to make perfect. No matter how you must always generate your ideas first, focus and practice, be fearless and learn from mistakes. Always remember that hard work goes hand-in-hand with luck. There are no shortcuts for success.