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Let’s Talk About Dairy

21 April 2021 by Food&HotelAsia


The first records of dairy consumption dates back to 6000BC – but did you know that humans weren’t even able to digest milk back then? Learn more about dairy and what its place is in a plant-based alternative hungry world.

Learn more about everything dairy at our content sessions during the upcoming FHA Match: Dairy. There are over 250 million cows used to produce milk in the world, including approximately 24 million in the EU, 9 million in the USA and 1.85 million in the UK. Commercial milk production is also increasing rapidly in southern Asia, including in countries that have not traditionally consumed milk, such as China.

The global outlook for dairy remains optimistic as the milk production growth across the global Big-7 dairy exporters – New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, EU, US and Australia – was surprisingly stable in 2020 (Rabobank). Growth in liquid milk equivalent (LME) was at its highest since 2017.

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