A star-studded pastry show fronted by Starchefs, World Champions or Meilleurs Ouvriers de France MOF.

The aim of Global Starchefs Pastry Show is to celebrate the beauty of pastry without any kind of boundaries.

The Starchefs will have 3 hours to prepare 1 specialty, and as a team create a magnificent buffet for young talents and students of Singapore as well as regional pastry enthusiasts.

The Global Starchefs Pastry Show is a not a competition nor a challenge but a live display of talents by world famous chefs to showcase their spectacular skills and creations.
Compared to a classical demonstration, the Global Starchefs Pastry Show presents a unique opportunity to get close to celebrity chefs, communicate with them, have personal interactions and take pictures and selfies.

Celebrity Pastry Chefs: Christophe Renou | David Brian | Etienne Leroy | Nicolas Boussin | Team Malaysia World Champion 2019

Global Starchefs Pastry Show 2018