Giancarlo Timballo

President, Gelato World Cup

Born in Udine, Giancarlo starts to work for the wine family business. Timballo. At age 30, a huge crisis in the sector leads him to change his trade, that’s when the gourmet nature with a passion for Gelato reveals itself and starts to influence Giancarlo’s choices.

The first step, as his parents always told him, is to learn the secrets of the new profession. In this journey Giancarlo meets the masters of modern artisan gelato: Carlo Pozzi, Luca Caviezel, Fulvio Scolari, Enzo Vannozzi, Donata Pancera who fascinate him making his curiosity and dedication grow from day to day.

In 1985, together with his wife Paola, he opens his Gelateria Timballo in Udine.
In 2000 Giancarlo Timballo is president of CO.GEL − FIPE (National Committee of Gelato-makers of the Public Businesses Italian Federation).

In 2003, along with some prestigious colleagues, he is the founding member of the Gelato World Cup and until 2016 he serves as president.

Giancarlo is also a well-known educator, since 1996 he teaches and trains students and future Gelato Chefs.