Gary Lim

Head Judge

Chef Gary is the President of Singapore Pastry Alliance and the Senior Culinary Instructor in Temasek Polytechnic’s Baking and Culinary Science Course, focusing on bread making, pastry practicum, confectionery and product development. Prior to this, he was an Executive Pastry Chef with an extensive work experience in the baking and culinary industry spanning 30 years in international luxury hotels both in Singapore and Australia.

He represented Singapore in many international baking and culinary competitions and has won numerous awards.

Chef Gary is World Association of Chefs’ Societies approved international B Judge and judge for major national and regional pastry competitions. He is also the advisor and trainer to students, pastry and baker chefs for many international pastry and baking competitions.

With his expertise in baking science and technology, frozen dough, advanced premix technology, advanced vacuum cooking, molecular cooking techniques and technologies, Chef Gary plays an important role in advising bakery and pastry schools and various recipe development consultancy projects.