In anticipation of higher vaccination rates and increased intergovernmental cooperation for safer travel protocols, the hospitality industry is showing encouraging signs of recovery, uneven as it may be, Meanwhile, short-term rentals went mainstream and business models were tested for resiliency forcing a rethink of anything from asset management, operational design, customer care, marketing, technology and talent.

The accelerated industry trends for luxury or economy, business or leisure, may not naturally mean faster recovery as hotels still face the prospect of a long recuperation since structural shifts around customer expectations for hygiene, flexibility and value are evolving. Timelines depend on trusted new standards but are equally subject to individual sentiment of how safe the hospitality experience actually is, an arguably difficult item to measure.

Join FHA Match – Hospitality for a two-day expert business event to understand smart strategies to cope with the challenges in 2021 and source from leading suppliers. Our AI-powered platform will help you make meaningful connections ahead of time and set your agenda so that during the event you can focus on getting involved during our content sessions, educative seminars, follow showcases or join private 1-on-1 video calls. Discover new industry opportunities in the career corner and reach your individual objectives with FHA Match whilst learning about:

Market Opportunities & Consumer Trends Asia Pacific

  • Safe & Secure Rebound
  • Future of Hospitality
  • Travel & Tourism in SEA (Bubble Business)
  • SEA Market Opportunities
  • Sustainability & Value
  • Consultant Perspectives
  • QSR’s & New Consumers

Innovation & Technology

  • Hospitality Tech & Digital Innovation
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Marketing Strategies for the Reset
  • Safety Protocols & Security
  • Talent, New Skills
  • Operational Design
  • The New F&B Service
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Asset Management

Product Discovery

  • Contactless Tech
  • Hygiene
  • Digitalized Guest Experiences
  • Green Tech
  • Robotics & Automation

Hospitality Career Corner

  • Job Opportunities


*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.


Welcome to FHA Match: Hospitality

  • What are the highlights?
  • How to get the most out of FHA Match?
  • How to connect with other delegates?

10:40 – 11:00

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Business Continuity in a World with “Endemic” Risks

The world is an uncertain place. Trade Wars, terrorism and pandemics have highlighted the importance of Business Continuity Management for companies – both large and small and across all industries.

Following the COVID19 pandemic, as companies begin to transit from an “every-day-a-crisis” mode to a more sustainable one, it is crucial that companies develop a business continuity framework. This will help them “steady the ship” and chart out a course when the winds of uncertainty hit.

This session will give participants an overview of the Business Continuity Management process and how it can be harnessed to provide more stability for their companies in uncertain times.

Speaker: Kevin Wee

Senior Lecturer (Hospitality and Tourism Section), School of Business Management

11:00 – 11:30

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Intelligence for Resilience & Recovery: A Hospitality Industry Briefing for 2022

As the hospitality industry is eager to usher in guests from newly opened travel lanes in Asia, the sector is cautiously optimistic that the pandemic is slowly turning endemic. A slow-paced recovery in a vastly changed hotel and restaurant landscape requires continuous adaptability from professionals, suppliers and guests. This intelligence briefing is to draw from the latest market data to outline:

  • Asia Pacific demand movement for hotels for the last 12 months
  • What to expect in the next 12 to 18 months for key markets?
  • Transitioning to recovery: understanding the trends on revenues and expenses of city hotels vs resorts
  • Opportunities in upcoming hotel supply Join us for an insightful forecast on how tourism is to re-develop and what we can predict for the food service industry.
Speaker: Fenady Uriarte

Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia, STR

11:30 – 12:30

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Hospitality Forward through New Value Propositions & Sustainability: An AHRA Roundtable

Return to business with a purpose. As COP26 concluded, hospitality is seeking progress to net-zero carbon emission and position the sector with concrete climate action plans for a progressive rebound. The demand for sustainable tourism is changing business models, client and vendor relationships and sets the sector up for a stronger future.

The industry is to balance its sustainability roadmaps that seek to avoid disposable plastics, integrate renewable energy mixes, reduce food waste, incorporate circularity whilst also innovating guest experiences and stay business focused in a dramatically changed landscape.

The ASEAN Hotel & Restaurant Association (AHRA) roundtable will discuss natural extensions of already existing industry initiatives considering far-reaching environmental, ethical and value propositions.

The hotel stay of the past has checked out, so join us for an exciting exchange between the industry leads of the ASEAN Hotel & Restaurant Association (AHRA) and learn about:

  • Impact of COP26 and driving sustainability goals
  • Value & vision in Asia’s changed hospitality landscape
  • Operational & regulatory changes
Speaker: Margaret Heng

Executive Director, Singapore Hotel Association (SHA)

Speaker: Eugene T. Yap

President, Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP)

Speaker: Lip Seng Yap

CEO, Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)

Speaker: Bruno Van

Vice President, Cambodian Hotel Association (CHA)

Moderated by: Matthew Stephens

Managing Director, eHotelier

Networking Break – FHA Match

Do use this time to further connect with delegates, suppliers and thought-leaders.

14:00 – 14:45

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Hospitality Leveraging Tech: How Innovation promises a Industry Rebound in 2022

If you are to believe the investments and innovation in Tourism Tech, you are to assume a strong return to business also in hospitality. As tourism and hospitality are synonymous and with stronger vaccination rates as well as improved safety protocols in place, the pandemic will turn endemic. Travelers, business or leisure, will take advantage of more convenient solutions to improve their trips, being it through better booking platforms, carefree check-ins, easy payment, improved entertainment or sharing their experiences to fellow contacts online. On the other hand, industry is streamlining operations, increases efficiency, delivers better services, ensures safer environments and improves product offerings whilst opening up new and needed revenue streams.
This roundtable is to discuss how operators are best to embrace technology on the road to recovery, managing risks and opportunities as markets are to re-open:

  • The experience economy: What clients expect in 2022
  • From high-tech to low-tech innovation: Must-have & Nice-to-have
  • Sustainability: Future-ready solutions
  • Service Tech but without losing the human touch
Speaker: Nicholas Cocks

Founder & Director, Velocity Ventures

Speaker: May-Ann Lim

Executive Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)

Moderated by: Ian Wilson

CEO, Wilson Innovation Lab

14:45 – 15:00

Discover Hospitality Tech – Pitch & Showcase

Discover exciting showcases from hospitality technology companies in our pitching session. Follow up after on the platform to find out more about the products and ideas from these entepreneurs.

15:00 – 15:20

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FCSI Global BIM Standards for 2022

This webinar will explore FCSI’s Foodservices standards for Revit design documentation software and BIM (Building Information Modelling). The session will give guidance on the revisions and results of the FCSI BIM Taskforce over the past two years compiling data as a single point of reference for Foodservice Consultants around the world. BIM standards provide an international database of parameters for equipment manufacturers to use with their models.

Speaker: Andrew Brain

Director & Chair Foodservice Consultants Society International, FCSI Asia Pacific Division


Closing FHA Match Content Day 1

Relieve today’s highlights and learn about what’s happening in 2022!

FHA Match Revisited: A Selection of On-Demand Thought-leadership from 2021

Revisit some of this years’ most exciting exchanges and exclusive presentations from the FHA Match series. Deep dive into ideas, data and insights from leading researchers, C-level executives, policy analysts, trade professionals and manufacturers that understand the ins and out of the Asian markets. On-demand sessions feature:
fha horeca hospitality

FHA Match: Meat

  • Meeting Future Demand – Long-term Prospects of Poultry & Protein
  • Foresight from Insights II: Future Growth in the Global Meat Supply
  • Leveraging EUFSTA – Practical Insights for Meat Trade in 2021 and Beyond
    (European Commission, Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry)
  • Meat Market Trends Asia – From Foodservice to Consumer Appetite

FHA Match: Dairy

  • China’s Dairy Developments – Ongoing Modernisation & Sector Analysis
  • A Break from Dairy? The Future of Alt-Milk in Asia
    (Good Food Institute, Mordor Intelligence, Green Queen)
  • RCEP – Trade Implications for Dairy in Asia-Pacific
    (The Asian Trade Center)

FHA Match: Sweet & Snacks

  • Tracing the State of Chocolate & Cocoa in Asia – The Now & Next
    (Cocoa Association of Asia, Mordor Intelligence, Von Alm)
  • Building Blocks for New Nutrition – Pairing Indulgence with Sustenance for Industrial Production
    (University of Monterrey)

FHA Match:  Frozen & Seafood

  • A Better Catch – Sustainable Seafood through Tech, Alternatives & Standards
    (WWF, Big Idea Ventures, InfoFish, Austral Fisheries)
  • Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices: The Invisible Influences that Guide Our Thinking
  • How to Win the Next Normal in Retail – Develop and Deliver for 2021 and Beyond
  • Key Trends in Global Frozen Foods – What Market Shifts Reveal about New Opportunities

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