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At The Table With: Nildo Benuzzi, Export Manager, Caffè Molinari

11 August 2021 by Food&HotelAsia


Please tell us about Caffè Molinari.

Fratelli Molinari concern was established in Modena in 1800, its activity being in the food sector. Since the birth of the Founder, Giuseppe Molinari, five generations have passed and the sixth has just entered the third millennium. In 1880 the extraordinary success of Molinari’s industrial activity made them the Supplier of the Royal “Casa Savoia”.

The first Coffee Tasting Bar was opened in Modena in 1911. It proved to be so successful to enhance Molinari’s roasting activity, which grew so much in importance to become at present Molinari’s central activity and the basis of all technological innovation.

Since the beginning Molinari has always meant quality and technological research, resulting in the creation of several innovative products, such as Molinari “Cinque Stelle” tin, the Mokadose System, the pods for espresso coffee machines and lately Xelecto coffee system.

25 years ago, Caffè Molinari started to export and nowadays is distributed in 70 countries in the world. Since 1998 Caffè Molinari is a certified company and it actually have the following international certificates: ISO 9001:2008, BRC British retail consortium, IFS (international food standard), JAS (Japanese agricultural standard certification conformity) KOSHER and in 2018 became also AEO (Authorised Exporter Operator).

From beginning of 2008, Caffè Molinari moved into the new production facility in via Francia 20 Modena, passing from 2.500 sqm. to 6.000 sqm., with a new production line with the latest technology available in the roasting industry and a big warehouse with 2400 pallet capacity and 432 dynamic ware-house. Caffè Molinari is a member of Modena Industrial Association.

Caffè Molinari in the numbers

– Today the Caffè Molinari trademark is well known in 70 countries in 5 continents.

– Caffè Molinari has a worldwide network of Sole Distributors, who constantly work to enforce Caffè Molinari presence on their own market.

– 2019 Company turnover € 20,000,000.00

– 55 Employees

– 2019 Roasted Coffee kg. 2.130.000

– Market of activity: HO.RE.CA., OFFICE COFFEE SYSTEM and RETAIL

– ITALIAN market in kg. 32% (7% retail + 5% O.C.S. + 20% HORECA)

– EXPORT MARKET in kg. 68%

Founded more than 200 years ago, in what ways the company have evolved and what motivated the transformation?

Our long history has been always based on development and tradition that makes Caffè Molinari a coffee artisan in an industrial scale. All of the Caffè Molinari products are the result of a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, represented respectively by the selection of the most prestigious blends and the introducing of cutting-edge production and packaging technologies. The daily commitment of our R&D team completes the brands value offer, with innovative proposals for production or packaging and prestigious collaborations with the best Italian Universities and Academic institutes.

Hundred years of coffee expertise based on:

– Blends of the best qualities

– High level technologies

– Best production process

Can you tell us a little about your newest product Xelecto and what makes it unique?

Xelecto is our latest offer to the market bringing this semi-finished product to the new espresso professionals.  The Xelecto system is the only system that offers a wide choice of tempting aromatised espresso, superior quality coffee blends in single and double dose, single origin cru selected from around the world and the flavour of an excellent Italian coffee cultivated by natural methods and organic certified.

Beside the wide selection of coffees, Xelecto is the perfect system because the

– Aromas are protected at the source;

– In pressurized single and double portion capsules;

– High weight concentration;

– Only for professional espresso coffee machines.

8 key reasons to choose Xelecto for your HoReCa business:

1. A rich variety of coffees and delicacies

2. Your coffee will always be prepared in the same way, does not matter who is making it, because it is done by Caffe Molinari barista

3. Hygienic, quick and clean operations

4. Energy saving

5. Quick service

6. Minimal maintenance

7. No waste

8. No grinder needed

Visit www.xelecto.it to better discover this Espresso System … for A BETTER COFFEE, FOR A BETTER LIFE.

Coffee drinkers are becoming more conscious about sustainability. What are your views on this, in particular the impact of coffee pods/capsules?

Caffè Molinari is aware of the sustainability consciousness of worldwide coffee drinkers and for this reason we have been introducing more than 10 years ago a complete line of Organic and Fair Trade coffee blends that allowed us to became the biggest organic coffee roaster in Italy for our line and for other important Organic Italian players. Beside this valued choice on the product side, unfortunately to preserve the freshness, aromas and flavour of our coffees, unfortunately the packaging technology has not develop yet a suitable packaging technology that preserve the coffee respecting the environment.

What is your take on the current pandemic? How has it affected Caffè Molinari, if it has, and what measures were taken to mitigate the challenges?

Since February 2020 Caffè Molinari even with some production restrictions has never stop to select, blend and roast coffee for our inside market and for international markets. Of course the worldwide restrictions for public places and the total stop of tourism and business incoming in hotels has effected also Caffè Molinari.

Our Italian and worldwide customers has always found us ready to ship them fresh coffee to satisfy the lowest market request and allowed our distributors worldwide to explore new market segments, such as on line business, in which we have never been before the pandemic.

Coffee culture in Europe vs Asia, in your opinion what are the key similarities and differences?

Coffee culture was born in Europe and then it has been exported all around the globe. The Italian tradition of coffee blending and drinking espresso started at the beginning of the XX century in Italy and slowly exported to other European countries and then to the whole world.

Asian coffee culture has been created by the American way of drinking coffee but considering the high interest of the Asian customers to brand & quality has fast brought the Asian to appreciate more and more the European coffees and the Italian way of drinking espresso as the best way to get the best from coffee.

What do you think about the growth potential of coffee in Asia markets?

Asian coffee markets are growing constantly and are more and more interested in high quality coffee blends and Italian espresso. Asian markets are certainly a target of our company and the expansion to these markets is definitively the priority of a company like Caffè Molinari, interested in High Quality products, innovating packaging technologies and new products developments.

Where do you see the coffee industry in 5-10 years? Are there any critical areas for improvement?

At this stage after almost 2 years of pandemic is almost impossible to make long forecast.  For sure Caffè Molinari in the coming 5-10 years will strongly work to keep our coffee products available in 70 countries and thanks also to events like FHA Match for expanding our presence in further countries of South East Asia, Central Asia and Far East.

A healthy coffee drink – fad or fact?

Several medical reviews reports benefits of coffee consumption such as reduction of many chronic diseases to positive effects on body and mind performance. Off course we do not have to exceed: the advised quantity is 2 to 4 cups per day.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming participation in FHA Match: Drinks? What can buyers look forward to?

We accepted with pleasure to attend to FHA MATCH: DRINKS to have the opportunity to present to the e-visitors our long history in selecting and roasting coffees and to propose to the Far East market the passion and dedication of our company in offering our complete range of products.

All the buyers are welcome to arrange a conference call with us to discover our world and start a business negotiation that will surely fascinate them because from over 200 years Caffè Molinari is your flavour.  Besides the quality of our products Caffè Molinari can grant you a great service and support of a dedicated & experienced staff that may support your importing of coffee all around the world.

If you can only choose one, what is this one feature or detail about Caffè Molinari that you want consumers to take away?

Is quite difficult to choose just one Caffè Molinari’s feature considering the dedication, enthusiasm and passion that the family Molinari and all the staff is bringing to our coffees. But having to choose I would definitively underline the attention of the (Italian) craftsman to the product, its selection, its blending and its roasting, as in 1904 when our current President Mr. Alberto Molinari began to process coffee, combined with the best production and packaging technology, which makes our coffee a product made with love, as only a craftsman can do.

What is your favourite type of coffee? Any recommendations for our readers?

I personally choose every morning for my first coffee of the day our ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE 100% ARABICA coffee; the organic cultivation exalts the natural flavours of the fruit of the land and preserves the sweet and aromatic taste, for a delicate coffee with a remarkable bouquet of flowers, almond, chocolate and spices.

Meet Nildo Benuzzi and the Caffe Molinari team at the upcoming FHA Match: Drinks Virtual Event, 15-16 September. Register for free pass here: https://bit.ly/3fQnJAF