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At The Table With: Giancarlo Timballo

12 July 2019 by Food&HotelAsia



Hot on the heels after the Gelato World Cup will be the second edition of the Asian Gelato Cup in March 2020. We spoke with Giancarlo Timballo, Head Judge of Asian Gelato Cup 2020 on his expectations of the Asian Gelato Cup 2020 as well as trends in the gelato world. 

2020 will see the return of the Asian Gelato Cup. What are your thoughts of the competition’s first edition?

It has been an honour to be President of the Jury at the very first Asian Gelato Cup held at FHA in April 2018 in Singapore. FHA was the perfect location and I’m impressed by the professional attitude of the organisers (it seemed like Chef Kenny Kong, Chef Dylan Ooi and I have worked on the same project for years). The expertise and passion of the competing teams were also world class. It has definitely been a cool milestone for the entire Asia Pacific region.

How do you see the quality and standards from the first edition having an impact on competitors for the second edition?

Quality and standards were first class – my colleagues at Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria (Gelato World Cup) were stunned too. The visitors attending the competition were huge, with spectators coming from countries that didn’t participate at the first Asian Gelato Cup so I expect more applications for the second edition! During the first edition of the competition, I received many questions and saw the genuine willingness of competitors to improve their gelato skills and create unique frozen desserts. I have no doubts at all that the countries that had participated in the first edition will surprise us at FHA in 2020.

What are you expecting from the competitors in 2020?

I expect the teams to realise fresher sorbets and creamier gelatos, more structured and sophisticated gelato cakes. I’m also expecting to taste more local ingredients transformed into cool treats. I expect to see the famous Asian Aesthetics at its best. The 2018 edition had only been the first one. We look forward to see what Singapore, Japan and Malaysia will do at the 2020 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria – the ninth edition of the Gelato World Cup which will be held in Sigep, Rimini, Italy in January 2020.


All the competitors at 2018 Asian Gelato Cup

In your years of judging, what was the most memorable or unique creation you had ever tasted?

I can’t remember one memorable creation only. Creativity has got thousands of different facets. How can I compare between Dulce de Leche Gelato made in Argentina, Pistachio Gelato from Italy or Yuzu Sorbet from Japan? The gelato cakes realised by France, Spain and Australia in the 2018 edition of Coppa del Mondo made me dream high. Singapore and Poland impressed me in 2016 for the gourmet gelato that were realised.

What are some of the future trends do you foresee in the gelato landscape, especially in Asia?

Some future trends include gourmet gelato, innovative and unusual fusions of gelato, pastry and bakery arts. The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, held in Marina Bay Sands in June 2019, put the spotlight on chefs who produce and include gelato in their menus daily. Carpigiani, world leading manufacturer of gelato equipment and sponsor of the Asian Gelato Cup in 2020, has just launched a new digital project called the “Frozen Art Chef”, dedicated to the trailblazing experiences and new opportunities in Asia. Let me add that combinations of coffee and gelato, tea and gelato give unique hot and cold sensations. In Italy we organise tastings that pair gelato (savoury or sweet) with wine, beer or whisky too. Perfect matches have only to be thought of, and personalised with extraordinary flavours. 

Any words of inspiration or advice for the Asian Gelato Cup 2020 competitors?

Keep training, Asian Gelato Chefs! Be curious, look at what the previous champions of Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria did, but never stop experimenting and thinking out of the box! The most important winning ingredient will always be to remain passionate and having the willingness to innovate with high quality ingredients and constantly improving your knowledge. Buon Gelato a tutti!

The Asian Gelato Cup will be held at FHA-HoReCa from 3 – 4 March 2020 at the Singapore Expo. Follow FHA official social media platforms for latest competition updates! #FHA #AGC #asiangelatocup

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