Alexis de Suremain
Board of Director
Cambodian Hotel Association (CHA)

Born in Paris in 1966 from French diplomat parents, Suremain grew-up in a number of Eastern European and Middle East countries.

In 1996, he got his French baccalaureate in science in Tel Aviv. He briefly studied business, graphic design and product conception.

In July 1989, this allowed him his first venture: creating and distributing the Revolutionary Condom, his way to commemorate the 200 years of the French Revolution.

In 1991 with two friends, he founded Prospekt International, a company based in Nizhni Novgorod (Russia), doing anything from perfume imports to student exchanges and public relations. He worked close to his then mentor, Boris Nemtsov, the provincial governor who later became Putin’s most adverse opponent, assassinated near the Kremlin in 2015.

In 1996, Suremain joined Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, and NGO giving him the amazing opportunity to live in and thoroughly explore Central Asia, a fascinating region he had been repeatedly travelling to. In 1999 this organisation sent him as Head of Mission to Moldova and in 2001 to Cambodia.

In 2004 he spent a year in Myanmar as the Head of Médecins du Monde while his wife remained in Cambodia launching elsewhere, their first business in the country, a sort of concept store with its own designed clothing, restaurant and bar in a colonial garden villa.

In 2006, Pavilion, the first hotel, opened with his wife just 10 rooms. Since then, other hotels opened in Phnom Penh (Kabiki, Blue Lime, Plantation, TeaHouse, Floatation, Penh House and Jugle Addition), in Siem Reap (Templation) and in Kirirom (Hill Station). Those were followed in Phnom Penh by restaurants (The 240 and Chinese House), a beach club (DIB Club), hotel shops (Cambomania) and a few other smaller projects.

In 2018, Maads (standing for Marie and Alexis de Suremain and hinting their peculiar business approach…) was created to take care of the creative and communication side of all the initiatives. That year, the company developed an innovative bio-climatic glamping concept: the Jungloo.